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Our Story 

Real Estate Agent + Builder

Welcome to our page! An Aussie builder meets a southern girl and the rest is history... We now live in a small town nestled upon the southern California mountains called Cedarpines Park with a total population of about 1,200 people. For the 1st few months of discovering the town we lived in our Volkswagen Bus until we could find our dream home. Our idea of a "dream home" was a complete fixer-upper. Believe it or not, the house we had been eyeing for months came up for sale and we purchased it. We now like to refer to it as our Cabin In the Woods. Together, we have renovated our home and turned a once hoarder house into a modern mountain retreat utilizing local raw materials, mostly found on our property, otherwise finding everything second-hand. When we're not renovating our house were working on one of our other many projects. Our goal is to share our journey with like-minded people who enjoy DIY projects, renovating, being outdoors, and doing everything on a shoe string budget. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We love chatting (especially Courtney)... somehow he built a career out of it. (The Fixers)



When Abbey's not selling houses and Courtney's not building around the world, they have plenty of other things to keep them busy... Check out some of their current projects below!

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