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Okay... you're probably going to think this is another Courtney impulse buy.. But I do have to take responsibility for this one. As soon as I laid eyes on one of these It was like love at first sight, which i didn't believe of until now (sorry Courtney). I just knew I had to have one. So I went on Facebook marketplace (clearly our go to hub for second-hand goods), and found "the one". We were in Australia at the time and this was in Southern California so we knew we had to make a decision quick before someone else swooped in and purchased it. A last minute, drunken decision led to the purchase of our 1995 Land Rover Defender and I must say this is DEFINITELY one of my best drunk decisions.. We had a friend pick it up for us and the very next day it was sitting in our driveway. Our plan is to re-spray the outside green and add black to all the detail. We've replaced the seats with low profile BMW seats which we found on Facebook Marketplace for $400. We'll renovate the back to make it functional for roadtrips but also to put building materials in. The perfect Vehicle for the Mountains. 

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